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Founder & General Manager

She has worked as Au pair for a year in England and 6 months in France. She is the Chairwoman of AEAAF. She is very European working; punctual as the English, Independent as the French and perfectionist as the Germans. Born in Bilbao,  between her values. outstanding, solidarity and intelligent creation of possibilities. She is continuously working and traveling. 

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Accounting Department

He has worked many years in Adayss, allowing him be an excellent professional with the experience enough to play a very important role. He has the ability to create and manage change and always has a positive attitude that makes job more pleasant. He knows the company from its origins in 2003, an excellent human being.

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Administrative Support

She is from Poland & studied International Secretariat. She has been working as Au pair in Spain and UK. She did Internship in ADAYSS in summer 2017 after finish her Au pair Program in UK during one year. Her passion in life is to work with people around the world and learn from each other during her process in life.

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Reception and Maintenance

She was born in Galicia and lives in Santurtzi after 30 years. She is very hardworking, responsible and kind. Her job is the most important in the Agency. She keep everything clean and tidy, without her will be impossible to work in an excellent atmosphere. She looks after all Adayss Team, she is simply the best.