Host Family in Europe


ADAYSS  is the first Au pair Agency in Spain and now an International Au pair Agency for best quality-price for our service. We provide an ideal way for you to find the best Au pair to help with your childcare and housework.

We can offer you the assurance that we want the very best for our families and Au pairs, and will bring all our expertise into helping you to find an Au pair that is just right for you and your children.

We are a founder member of the Spanish Au pair Agency Association and we subscribe to their high standards and code of conduct AEAAF.

We use technology to enable you to register with us simply and quickly but we are still here to help you when you need us. You can phone our office during normal working hours and our customers benefit from our 24/7/365 emergency email.

To have an Au pairs can be an ideal childcare solution for busy and modern families. An Au pair helps at busy times of the day and can also do some housework. Parents can then spend more quality time with their children.

Document list

  1. Online Registration
  2. Passport or Identity Card.
  3. A Dear Family letter written in English, give details about your family, work, children school, activities, about you home, where you live, duties for Au pair…
  4. Some recent photographs of your family and home, Au pair’s bedroom…

Letter to the Au pair 

Write a letter to your future Au pair, tell as much as you can about your family, children, friends, pets, hobbies and interests, sports and music you like it, describe your home, if you live in a village/city, what transport do you have in your home that Au pair can use every day to move to the center, what do you do, if you have had previous Au pairs or it is going to be the first Au pair, etc.

This will help us to find you an Au pair where she will feel at home.

How much do I have to pay the Au pair

  1. 4 hrs./day – 20 hrs./week – 70€/week……. 280€/month.
  2. 5 hrs./day – 25 hrs./week – 80€/week……..320€/month.
  3. 6 hrs./day – 30 hrs./week – 90€/week……..360€/month.
  4. 7 hrs./day – 35 hrs./week – 100€/week……400€/month.

Apart from the pocket money you should offer to the Au pair a particular room, full board and two holidays paid weeks for every six months of work.

In the case that the Au pair have to leave, the replacement is free during the first month, if there is a new person available.


Host Family Fees

  1. Au pairs from Europe to UK total fee 350€.
  2. Au pairs from Europe to Spain total fee 250€.
  3. Au pairs from UK or USA to Europe total fee 500€.

Online Registration Fee 30€ (not refundable fee).

Once we found the Au pair, the price to pay is 220€ if the Au pair goes to Spain, 320€ if goes to UK or 470€ if the Au pair is British or American.

  1. Collecting Documents.
  2. Processing and finding an Au pair.
  3. Guide for the interview with the Au pair.
  4. Orientation and monitoring during the stay.
  5. Emergency email 24/7/365

 Letter of Invitation 

Once you have satisfied yourself that you are completely happy with the Au Pair, we will require a Letter of Invitation from you which is literally your invitation to the Au pair to come and stay with you and your family. It should include details of your family, duties and hours expected. We will provide you a sample letter of the type of thing that needs to go in it and if you would like any change on this just let us know for update it.


Standards of driving and the requirements for obtaining a Driving Licence vary considerably throughout the different countries. It is the responsibility of the host family to satisfy themselves that their au pair is competent to drive the car or to have the responsibility for driving the children in their care. It is possible that some au pairs may need driving lessons in this country before the family can consider them competent to drive. An au pair should not be held responsible for the payment of any insurance excess in the event of any accident. It is the responsibility of the host family to check that their car insurance policy will cover their Au pair. Au pairs from countries within the EU are able to drive indefinitely in the UK with their original driving licence. Au pairs from countries outside the EU are limited to 12 months from their date of entry in Europe to the UK after 12 months they will need to take the driving test (practical and theory) to allow them to continue driving.


Travel to the Host Family country is organised and paid for by the Au Pair. We provide you with all their travel details, dates, and time and arrival location. You will be required to meet your Au pair at an airport/bus station or port on their arrival into the country. Please confirm this with your new Au pair prior to travel. In exceptional circumstances where you cannot meet the Au pair in person, if she/he has to take any other transport you will pay this service directly to the Au pair once is arrive in your home.