Do you want to be Au pair in China? Do you want to join a Chinese family, experiencing the family life, staying with the Chinese children and studying Chinese cultures in the daily life?

Being an Au pair in China, you can have the chance to travel to many different places of interests, you can experience the traditional Chinese festivals, and you can join the Chinese family activities.


  1. Age from 18 to 30, the age can be properly relaxed if application’s English is excellent.
  2. Graduate from high middle school at least, college education level is preferred.
  3. Fluent in English.
  4. Like children and enjoy getting along with children.
  5. Responsibility and patience are necessaries.
  6. Have experience in teaching, nursing or taking care of children is preferred.
  7. Healthy.
  8. Interested in Chinese and culture.

Au pair Duties

  1. Taking care of host children and accompany them as their big sisters or brothers.
  2. Teaching children English or other language and tutor them in study.
  3. Doing some light housework.
  4. The schedule is 30 hours per week.
  5. Helping host family knowing west culture.

Program Benefits

  1. Free lodging and boarding in Host family.
  2. Having at least RMB 1000 per month as pocket money from Host family which depends on your working hours.
  3. Flight reimbursement if successfully complete the program, for example, if you can stay here for 3 months, we will provide you RMB 2000 yuan as flight reimbursement. If you can stay here for 6 months, we will provide you return flight directly. If you can stay here for 12 months, we will provide you return flight and another RMB 5500 as bonus.
  4. Having 3 days paid holiday every 3 months.
  5. Visa invitation letter.
  6. Airport/Train Pick up.
  7. Assistance registering with local authorities.
  8. 24/7/365 emergency call number.
  9. Assigned coordinator.
  10. Welcome package (map/metro card/SIM card) (if applicable).
  11. Arrival Orientation.
  12. Language classes throughout your stay, besides of that, we will also provide our Au pairs Chinese culture classes, such as calligraphy, cross-stitch, paper-cut, pottery, traditional Chinese painting, making dumpling and etc.
  13. Au Pair activities. We will provide various free activities for our Au pairs, such as traveling, climbing, swimming, BBQ beach party, CS, picking fruits in the farm and etc. All of these activities are free for our Au pairs. Besides, when the festival is coming, we will also organize the activities or parties for our Au pairs, such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and etc.
  14. The chance of exchanging families in the same city or other cities. If the Au pairs can engage in the Au pair program here for 6 months or more than 6 months, we can provide our Au pairs the chance of exchanging families in the same city or other cities.

Familia China--Adayss

Au pair in China Fees

  1. Total price 500€.

Online Registration Fee 50€ (not refundable fee).

  1. Collecting Documents.
  2. Processing and finding a Host family.
  3. Guide for the interview with the Host family.
  4. Orientation and monitoring during the stay.

Letter to the Family

Write a letter to your future Host Family. Tell them as much as you can about yourself. This will help us to find you a family where you will feel at home, here are some topics you should cover:

  1. A little about yourself.
  2. And your family/friends/pets.
  3. Your hobbies and interests, any special skills, passions or talents that you have.
  4. Sports/Music.
  5. Your home/your town/your region.
  6. What sort of work/study you do/have done.
  7. All about your childcare experience (details about ages, duration and type of care).
  8. Your plans for the future and details.
  9. Your reasons for wanting to be an Au pair in China.
  10. An Au pair can be as much a coach as a carer, especially with older children, so your hobbies, skills and talents are very important.
  11. As a guide, write between 300 and 500 words.

Document List

  1. The copy of passport.
  2. Healthy Certificate.
  3. The copy of graduation certificate of highest education level.
  4. Non-criminal record.
  5. Reference (from Au pair’s friend or previous employer, to show Au pair’s personality, work experience, experience with kids or anything else that can help family to know more about aupair, please be written in English).
  6. Video (1 or 2 minutes will be ok), in the video, Au pair can introduce themselves and talk something they want to tell the family, then the family can know more about Au pair. In video, it is better to show more smile, positive and outgoing, also it is better to speak slowly and clearly, then the family can understand better. We can show this to our families, it can help us to recommend Au pair to our families.

Health Insurance Information

Every citizen with Spanish nationality who wishes to travel to any country of the European Community requires having the valid ID or valid passport. Regarding to medical care, you must apply at any Social Security office the European Health Card, as the Au pair will travel with a contracted health insurance from their country of origin. We recommend the Au pair to have a fund of 300€ to anticipate the unexpected. In ADAYSS we have a Health Insurance which our Au pairs can hire our us (Medical Assistance, Accidents, R.C. and Repatriation). Check covers and prices in next link: