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Adayss Study Center was founded in 2012. From Its beginning has always follow to give a personalize and adaptated teaching to the necessities of each student. Giving them the tools so they can improve their personal and professional values, so as reaching a High Academic Capacity.

“All classes are reduced because amount determined quality in Education.”

High Academic Capacity.

Large timetable, from Monday to Friday to 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Nursery, Primary, E.S.O., Bachelor.

KIDS ENGLISH is an English language course aimed at children of 3, 4 and 5 years old, so that they learn the language naturally, spontaneously, passionately, effortlessly and without realizing it, playing, discovering, sharing and having fun.

The different learning rhythms are respected, and materials adapted to their environment and abilities are provided, so that the difficulty will gradually increase with respect to how their abilities evolve. It is a question of the student learning the language in a natural way through listening, speaking and playing.

Apart from the hours spent in the academy, for a better acquisition and evolution of listening and speaking, will be established by the teacher a programming to be incorporated into the home as a daily habit.

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“According to UNESCO, the four pillars of Education are:”

Learning to Know

Learning to Be

Learning to Live Together

Learning to Do

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